Nathawat Arunsirisakul

Gems has been competitively driving go-karts since he was 12 years old.

About 20 years ago, my father raced go-karts and rally cars. Now, he is my racing idol.

I like racing because it is fun for me and it makes me have a stronger heart. When you want to overtake someone, you must break very hard and very close to the corner, so you must have a very strong heart to do it because if you break too hard or too near to the corner, the wheels will lock and you will spin out of the track.

My favourite ever race was on 15th November 2015. It was an amazing race for me. I started from 13th position and I pushed very hard to overtake many karts. I was in the lead and I would be the champion of this race, but at the last corner of the last lap, about 100 metres from the finish, someone hit me at the back of my kart and my position dropped to 3rd place. I finished overall in 3rd place out of 13. Since that day, I have still been racing and when I win, I am happy about it but when I lose, I never give up.