Mathayom 3

The Mathayom 3 syllabus has been designed based on the Upbeat Intermediate books published by Pearson.

An example of the materials in the student book are shown above (click to open it as a PDF).

Supplementary materials, such as the worksheet above (click to open it as a PDF) are designed by the teachers for each unit.


The Mathayom 3 syllabus for 2016/2017 includes the following areas:


  • lifestyles
  • life stories
  • entertainment
  • natural world
  • imagination
  • communication
  • challenges
  • in the news


  • intensifiers with comparative adjectives
  • modal verbs of suggestion, obligation and permission
  • present perfect simple with just, already, before, never, ever and yet
  • passive tenses
  • third conditional

Functional Language:

  • showing concern and giving reassurance
  • reacting to good and bad news
  • asking for and giving advice
  • speaking on the telephone
  • describing and dealing with problems
  • apologising for past mistakes
  • giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing
  • giving and accepting congratulations


  • listening for the mood of the speakers in an interview
  • reading a website and summarising the information in a chart
  • writing a formal letter of thanks
  • listening to a lecture and answering questions on the subject
  • writing a website using mixed linkers
  • listening for linkers to predict what information is coming next


Students complete 4 portfolios, which contribute to their Mathayom 3 grade.

Select the portfolio title to open an example of each piece of work from 2016/2017.

Portfolio 1:

CV Application

Students produce a Curriculum Vitae in order to apply for an English teaching job.

Portfolio 2:

Music Poster

Students design a music poster, using future forms, music vocabulary and adjectives of feeling, to advertise an upcoming music festival.

Portfolio 3:

Love story

Students use the past tense to write a story about two people who fell in love.

Portfolio 4:


Students either produce a written description of what makes them feel scared or they can create a new phobia.