Mathayom 3

The Mathayom 3 syllabus has been designed based on the Time Zones series by National Geographic Learning.

An example of the materials in the student book are shown above (click to open it as a PDF).

Supplementary materials, such as the worksheet above (click to open it as a PDF) are designed by the teachers for each unit.


The Mathayom 3 syllabus for 2024/2025 includes the following areas:


  • lifestyles
  • sports
  • manufacturing and assembly
  • ancient civilizations and artifacts
  • films and film genres
  • describing buildings and neighbourhoods
  • describing marine life and ocean animals


  • verbs of preference + gerund
  • present perfect progressive
  • passive voice with and without agents
  • non-defining relative clauses
  • modal verbs to discuss present and past probability
  • comparative and superlative case & other forms of comparison
  • second conditional and I wish

Functional Language:

  • giving and asking for advice
  • phrases to help structure an informal letter / email
  • descibing processes and how things are made
  • discussing problems and brainstorming solutions
  • talking about wishes and hopes


  • reading about famous figures in pop culture and summarising their careers
  • writing a variety of short essays, including descriptive and persuasive
  • watching videos about eco-friendly fuel alternatives and answering multiple-choice questions
  • giving presentations about ways that students' hobbies can be turned into businesses
  • writing a review of a film or TV show that students enjoyed


Students complete 4 portfolios, which contribute to their Mathayom 3 grade.

Select the portfolio title to open an example of each piece of work from recent years, although some portfolio themes have been updated for this academic year..

Portfolio 1:

Unusual Sport

Students produce a report on a new or unusual sport using appropriate formatting and other features typical of report, such as headings and visual aids.

Portfolio 2:

Advice to a Classmate

Students write a letter to a Mathayom 1 student in Assumption College, explaining the challenges they've encountered in their studies and giving advice.

Portfolio 3:

Historical Mysteries

Students either give a presentation or create a skit in groups about an unsolved historical mystery where they speculate about what might have happened.

Portfolio 4:

Thought Experiments

Students analyse an ethical dilemma and write an opinion essay about what they feel is the correct decision in the situation and why.