Mathayom 2

The Mathayom 2 syllabus has been designed based on the Upbeat Pre-Intermediate books published by Pearson.

An example of the materials in the student book are shown above (click to open it as a PDF).

Supplementary materials, such as the worksheet above (click to open it as a PDF) are designed by the teachers for each unit.


The Mathayom 2 syllabus for 2016/2017 includes the following areas:


  • music and film
  • life experiences
  • now and then
  • memories
  • our world
  • holidays
  • crime
  • adventure


  • past simple and past continuous with time markers
  • defining relative clauses
  • collocations with make and do
  • used to, could and was/were to talk about past ability
  • modal verbs to express obligation, advice and recommendations

Functional Language:

  • asking for clarification using wh- questions
  • talking about problems and giving advice
  • offering, accepting and refusing a party invitation
  • giving opinions, agreeing and disagreeing
  • making suggestions and expressing preference


  • listening to and understanding directions with reference to a map
  • reading and answering questions in a magazine style quiz
  • writing a blog using first person narrative
  • listening to an interview and completing a fact file
  • reading and comparing information from different sources


Students complete 4 portfolios, which contribute to their Mathayom 2 grade.

Select the portfolio title to open an example of each piece of work from 2016/2017.

Portfolio 1:


Students describe their daily routine, their best and worst days and important personality traits for a chosen job.

Portfolio 2:

Travel Guide

Students produce a travel guide about an area of Thailand containing information on transport and attractions.

Portfolio 3:

Informal to Formal Text Translation

Students write an informal converstaion between themselves and a friend, which they then translate into formal language.

Portfolio 4:


Students describe the appearance, including the clothing, hair styles and body shapes, of different people.