Mathayom 2

The Mathayom 2 syllabus has been designed based on the Time Zones series published by National Geographic Learning.

An example of the materials in the student book are shown above (click to open it as a PDF).

Supplementary materials, such as the worksheet above (click to open it as a PDF) are designed by the teachers for each unit.


The Mathayom 2 syllabus for 2024/2025 includes the following areas:


  • jobs and job qualities
  • personality adjectives and compound adjectives
  • rules and plastic pollution
  • animals and characteristics of animals
  • everyday activities
  • events, dates and interesting activities
  • technology and gadgets


  • using want and would like
  • defining relative clauses
  • modal verbs to express obligation and permission
  • present simple and present continuous
  • past simple, used to and present perfect
  • real conditionals in the present/future

Functional Language:

  • asking for and giving permission
  • discussing wants and desires
  • giving suggestions and recommendations
  • common phrases in emails and structuring letters
  • linkers of addition / reason / result
  • discussing results


  • reading magazine articles for general interest and completing summaries of them
  • writing social media posts on important social issues
  • writing letters and emails
  • listening to and watching documntary-style videos about animals
  • sharing past experiences and how they felt


Students complete 4 portfolios, which contribute to their Mathayom 2 grade.

Select the portfolio title to open an example of each piece of work from recent years, although some portfolio themes have been updated for this academic year.

Portfolio 1:


Students will be able to describe their dream job, giving a summary of the skills required for the job and why they think it might be interesting.

Portfolio 2:

Contrasting Wildlife

Students will be able to compare and contrast two animals, using appropriate adjectives, adverbs, and comparative structures.

Portfolio 3:


Students research write a biography of a famous or fictional person and present it to their classmates..

Portfolio 4:


Students storyboard and script for a TV video advertisement, using appropriate structuring words and conditional sentences.