Mathayom 1

The Mathayom 1 syllabus has been designed based on the Upbeat Elementary books published by Pearson.

An example of the materials in the student book are shown above (click to open it as a PDF).

Supplementary materials, such as the worksheet above (click to open it as a PDF) are designed by the teachers for each unit.


The Mathayom 1 syllabus for 2016/2017 includes the following areas:


  • countries and nationalities
  • jobs
  • food and drinks
  • weather
  • places in a town
  • movie and music genres
  • personality types
  • wildlife


  • adverbs and expressions of frequency
  • going to for future plans, intentions and decisions
  • verbs of emotion + gerund form
  • comparative and superlative adjectives
  • zero conditional with if
  • first conditional with if

Functional Language:

  • exchanging personal information
  • talking about likes and dislikes
  • asking for, making and responding to suggestions
  • asking permission and responding
  • making and responding to apologies
  • ordering food in a restaurant
  • describing problems and offering solutions
  • saying goodbye in various situations


  • listening to a conversation and answering comprehension questions
  • using maps and pictures to identify the topic of a text
  • reading a story and completing sentences about it
  • listening to a radio interview and identifying topics
  • reading restaurant reviews and answering multiple choice questions


Students complete 4 portfolios, which contribute to their Mathayom 1 grade.

Select the portfolio title to open an example of each piece of work from 2016/2017.

Portfolio 1:


Students write present simple and present continuous sentences to compare their normal week to their week as a superhero.

Portfolio 2:

Lost Script

Students write a play about being lost in a desert, a cave or in space.

Portfolio 3:

Lost Performance

In groups of 4, students perform a play that is based on portfolio 2.

Portfolio 4:

Past Simple Story

Students plan and produce a story using the past form of given verbs.